About Us

Our names are Shain and Nisa ZumBrunnen. We were both born and raised predominantly in the Wasilla area. We got married in 1993 and moved to Wyoming where we both graduated with our degrees and moved back home to Alaska immediately after graduation. We both worked locally in the medical community, me as an Occupational Therapist and Nisa as an X-Ray Technologist. In 2004 we had an opportunity to purchase Health Quest Therapy and begin a new chapter in our lives in private practice.

We are very excited about serving the same local community that we grew up in and that has given so much to us. Now we are able to give back and work with many amazing clients and other organizations with a like vision. We enjoy the Alaska lifestyle and frequently go hiking, fishing, camping and hunting in this beautiful state. We are active in our local church and give God the glory for the blessing of living here and allowing us to partner with a great community.


Health Quest Mission/Vision

Health Quest Therapy values an environment that promotes quality health care for the community while offering a nurturing setting that honors both the employee and patients needs.

We desire to expand services and believe that all the location’s, communities and services will be successful when we move according to the Lords leading.

We believe in creating an extraordinary experience for both employees and patients focused on excellence, which will in turn cause Health Quest to be widely known as a company that is creating trends rather than following them.