Oncology Rehabilitation

Living well beyond cancer

Oncology rehabilitation at Health Quest Therapy focuses on physical and emotional healing of cancer survivors. 

We are bridging the gap of acute cancer treatment and long term affects to promote optimal healing through oncology rehabilitation!

After the acute phase of cancer treatment, people are often elated that the worst is over but are quickly sobered by the fact that they do not feel very good.

Many survivors will benefit from individualized interventions delivered by our STAR Clinician Certified rehab professionals who are experts in cancer rehab and able to evaluate patients using evidence-based medicine and treat them appropriately for their specific issues.


Who should attend oncology Rehab?

All survivors should have the opportunity to improve their health!

Whether they are living with cancer as a chronic disease, are undergoing treatment now, or have finished treatment for cancer that is now cured or in remission, they deserve the best possible medical care and that includes helping them to function at the highest possible level. This is where oncology rehabilitation can help!


Overview of Program

Our oncology rehabilitation program is approximately 10 weeks consisting of:

• Weekly individual sessions twice/week

• 90 minutes per session

• Each session includes:

o Therapeutic exercise with close monitoring

o Didactic content and self-analysis activities to promote healthy lifestyle

Therapeutic exercise includes: 

 • Safely monitored cardiovascular/aerobics

• Strengthening

• Flexibility/ROM 


Our Star Clinician Certified Therapists    

Patrick Minder PHD, PT

Patrick Minder PHD, PT graduated from the APTA accredited physical therapy program at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland in 1998. After graduation he was awarded a student ship to pursue a Doctorate in the field of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction which he completed in 2002. In 2002 he returned to Alaska and worked with Providence Hospital as a staff PT and later as a Clinical Supervisor specializing in both orthopedic and neurological conditions with emphasis on manual techniques and exercise prescription.

Sarah Thompson OTD, OTR/L

Graduated from Creighton University Occupational Therapy Doctorate program in December 2011.  She is a trained Life Advisor and certified in Biofeedback Evaluation and Treatment for Elimination Disorders and Pelvic Floor Disorders.  Sarah has focused her education and passion on health and wellness and is Star Clinician Certified.